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Go the Distance

The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses Nancy Loving, DVM

"This book should be on every endurance and competitive trail rider's shelf.... a bargain for the information it provides …you have one of the best veterinarians in the sport on-call for any endurance related question or concern.” --The Chronicle of the Horse

"This is a very good book. Loving covers equipment for the horse and rider, stable management and camp care techniques, and training, both for conditioning and schooling purposes. This book earns a blue ribbon and best condition.” --The American Quarter Horse Journal

“This is not just a book for people new to the sport of distance riding nor is it just a book for the elite competitor. It is a book that belongs in the library of every person who aspires to compete in long distance riding. It should not be left on a shelf— it should become dog-eared from easy accessibility and from frequent reading.”
—Kerry Ridgway, DVM, a FEI, AHSA & AERC judge, and Endurance Hall of Fame member since 1991


To spend hour after hour on the back of a horse is a dream come true for many riders. To ride for miles—25, 50, or even 100—on a fit horse, is an extremely satisfying experience, whether done in competition or just for pleasure. This thrill does not come easily however; it requires immense dedication from the rider and a lot of hard work from the horse.

No other equestrian sports demand such a continuous training effort as do endurance and competitive distance riding. To reach the highest level of the sports—competing in a 100-mile ride—requires years of careful conditioning. Even a 25-mile ride demands close attention to every nuance of a horse’s being—during the many miles of work beforehand and during the competition itself. It is the horse’s welfare that must come above all else.

In Go the Distance: The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses, Dr. Nancy Loving, a veterinarian who regularly judges and competes in endurance riding, demonstrates throughout that “success is in the details.” She clearly explains everything a rider needs to know, from selecting a horse and investing in equipment to evaluating fitness and nutrition.

Chapters include:
• Athletic Foot Care
• Intelligent Nutrition
• Conditioning Principles and Training Philosophy
• Methods of Evaluating Fitness
• Conditioning for Specific Terrain and Climatic Factors
• Cooling Strategies During Training and Competition
• Evaluation of Metabolic Health and Soundness

If you are an experienced long distance rider, Go the Distance is essential reading to improve your training and competitive skills. If you are thinking of trying endurance or competitive distance riding, this book will clearly and safely guide you and your horse along the miles.

Author: Nancy Loving, DVM
Format: Paperback
Pages: 264
Illustrations: 100 b/w photos, 22 drawings
ISBN: 9781570763427

About the Author

DR. NANCY LOVING has been both a dressage and event competitor and has been involved in the endurance world as an FEI–sanctioned veterinarian and as team vet for the USEF national endurance squad. Dr. Loving graduated from Colorado State University Veterinary School in 1985, and since then has practiced equine medicine and surgery exclusively. She regularly writes for The Horse and Horse Illustrated magazines, and her previous books include Go the Distance: The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses, Conformation and Performance, and Veterinary Manual for the Performance Horse.