Reviews of our newest books and DVDs (most recent releases listed first):

1.18 Untacked — “Succeeds where many others fall short. Most textbooks read dull, while Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way is anything but….an inside look at the training program that has brought her so many accolades.”

7.17 USDF Connection — “The closest most of us will come to spending an extended period of time in the Klimke stable…. wonderful insight into a top rider’s training decisions and how she customizes the work to suit the individual horse.”

5.17 Northwest Horse Source — “Details her personal system of bringing a horse along through the stages of progressive development and provides readers with guidelines and exercises to ensure success without stress at each milestone. The result is surely a joyful partnership between rider and horse that will go the distance.”

1.18 USDF Connection — “One part Zen, one part movement workbook…The opposite of a riding manual, Our Horses, Ourselves might help you rediscover the fun and wonder of being around horses, and unwind the nonverbal static that could be interfering with your communication.”

10.17 Horse Network — “Josa-Jones’ book is an essential bible for equestrians, artists, and spiritual seekers alike. Her poetic aspirations to develop authentic relationships with equine partners provides a heartfelt road map for each of us to connect more deeply to others, and ultimately to ourselves.”

10.17 VT Digger — “Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body, by choreographer and equestrian Paula Josa-Jones, is an intelligently observed, beautifully rendered collection of experiences and inspirations detailing her artist’s journey of learning to be more fully present in the world.”

1.18 Equine Journal — “Not only helpful, but also hands on. Chock full of photographs and descriptions, this handy book is a great one for aspiring farriers and horse owners alike. A great resource for all things hoof-related, The Essential Hoof Book truly is essential to have in any barn.”

1.18 Holistic Horse — “The first resource of its kind to combine the expertise of hoof experts from around the world with a unique, practical ‘hands-on’ approach for horse owners.”

1.18 USDF Connection — “An excellent overview of this complex piece of equine anatomy.”

12.17 The Horse’s Hoof — “Delightful to use as a reference book…such a wide range of useful information, this is the type of book that is a must-have for all hoof care professionals (farriers/trimmers/vets) but you are going to want every single horse owner client (including and especially the newbie) to read this book, as well…. This is the book we all wish we had 20 years ago!”

10.17 Horse Nation — “Could easily serve as a textbook for a class in anatomy, equine science or equine management, but reads so easily that you could find yourself working steadily from cover to cover… loaded with high-quality photographs illustrating essentially every facet of the text… can serve both as a text to educate the horse owner and a shelf reference that’s easily navigated to find a specific issue or concern.”

12.17 Practical Horseman — “Brightly colored illustrations portray the equine hero as he finds his way through all sorts of adventures.”

12.17 Sidelines — “Everyone loves the world’s most popular cartoon horse!”

12.17 Mid-South Horse Review— “Fergus leaves his comfortable home to go on a great adventure…no spoiler here…you’ll just have to read the book.”

12.17 USDF Connection — “Exercises for improving your posture, mobility, and effectiveness.”

8.17 Equine VIP — “I am savoring every word, illustration, photo, and chapter of this book…. a beautiful yet educational book about the rider’s seat. Any level dressage rider will appreciate this book!”

11.17 Practical Horseman — “The perfect gift for a nostalgic horse lover or a child who can relate all too well to the escapades of the young riders in the stories.”

8.17 USDF Connection — “Thelwell is as funny as ever. Buy this book and treat yourself or a horse lover in your life to some guaranteed belly laughs.”

7.17 Equine Journal — “Pages upon pages of those adorable drawings to one place for easy viewing. This collection is as lovable as when the cartoons first took the world by storm.”

6.17 Catskills Horse — “This classic will have you roaring with laughter…. Without question, horse lovers of every age will thoroughly enjoy this book. A big fat YAY on this read.”

5.17 Mid-South Horse Review — “One of those books you want to pick up periodically, arbitrarily open it at any page, and just laugh your way browsing through.”

8.17 USDF Connection — “Some human chronic-pain sufferers find relief through visits to a myofascial-release practitioner, and equine bodyworker Margret Henkels brings the principles to horse owners in her book…. Clear color photos show how Henkels works her magic.”

7.17 Cowgirl Magazine — “A fascinating, educational read and the design of the book makes it easy for horse lovers to follow along…a necessity for horse owners and trainers alike.”

11.17 Cowgirl Magazine — “A fascinating read…a valuable resource.”

7.17 Lone Star Horse Report — “Ultimate guide to the science of horse color.”

5.17 Northwest Horse Source — “A guide that aims to not only outline basic information about horse color for a general audience, but also explore the specifics of inheritance and recent color genetics research certain to inform serious aficionados worldwide.”

1.17 USDF Connection — “Uta Gräf had me at ‘play.’ Never before have I seen that word on the cover of a dressage book…If you introduce Gräf’s methods into your regimen in baby steps, over time you and your horse will feel more relaxed, confident, and dare I say, playful in your dressage work.”

3.17 Lone Star Horse Report — “This book, enlivened with dozens of anecdotes and color photographs, describes how to retrace the steps of the horse’s education and find the path missed the first time around.”

5.17 Horse & Countryside — “Packed with useful advice.”

1.17 Cowgirl Magazine — “Rich with information…exceptional photographs of the various rein work involved make the instructions a pleasure to follow…suited for any horse enthusiast.”

1.17 Lone Star Horse Report — “A practical system for ‘listening’ and ‘talking’ to horses in their language.”

6.17 Blaze Magazine — “Entertaining and educational…sure to make you laugh.”

5.17 Equine Journal — “Fergus is back with a funny tale of a determined and persistent cowboy and his stubborn mount…. Riders of all ages will love the newest addition to Fergus’ adventures.”

5.17 Horse & Countryside — “Plenty of good advice…ideal for introducing younger readers to horsemanship concepts.”

1.17 — “A laugh a minute for adults who have dealt with equines like Fergus, but there’s also a wonderful, subtle lesson in horsemanship for young readers and aspiring riders. Kudos to author/cartoonist Jean Abernethy and Trafalgar Square Books for bringing Fergus to readers.”

4.17 Equine Journal — “This books is an arena boredom buster for riders and instructors alike—a must-have in your barn’s tack room or viewing area.”

3.17 Lone Star Horse Report — “This handy guide is designed for those in all riding disciplines to keep boredom at bay.”

1.17 USDF Connection — “Using photographs and superbly rendered anatomical illustrations, Heuschmann explains the differences between correct and incorrect flexion and bend…the visuals will prove helpful to many riders.”

1.17 Equine Journal — “A simplified, do-it-yourself handbook, Acupressure for Horses is perfect for the hands-on equestrian who is looking to do the best for his or her horse.”

12.16/1.17 USDF Connection — “Fascinating stuff…I think I’ll be giving it a try with my horse.”

2.17 Trail Rider — “Learn to re-train your brain to achieve a more confident, joyful state. If you’re fearful, don’t stop riding, start reading.”

1.17 Catskills Horse — “Let’s face it: at some time or other in our riding we all need help…. Whether you have taken a knock, are in love with the wrong horse for the wrong reasons, or need to upgrade your success in the competition world, this book is for you.”

10.16 Warmbloods Today — “Unlocks many secrets as to how and why riders can avoid becoming uptight and anxious in the horse world…inspiring and informational.”

10.16 Incidents of Guidance — “This book is a MUST…densely packed with actionable, important information.”

1.17  USDF Connection — “Not unlike those ‘couch to 5K’ running programs, Fit to Ride in 9 Weeks! provides a detailed road map to equestrian fitness…you will get a lot fitter and your riding will improve, whatever your equestrian discipline.”

10.16  Horse Journals — “Excellent full color illustrations…a must-read for every rider, young or young-at-heart.”

9.16  Equine Journal  — “Chock full of exercises for riders…. The reasons why we, as riders, should be fit for the sake of our horses and how to do just that in a simple nine-week-long plan.”

7.16  Trail Rider  — “The key to enjoying the ride, being fair to your horse, and getting into fabulous shape—in just a couple of months.”

12.16  Equine Journal — “A touching story of how horses can heal even the most broken hearts…an accurate portrayal of horsemanship and inspiring tale of the horse-human bond.”

8.16  Cowgirl Magazine  — “A forceful novel that teaches the indispensable lesson about loyalty, perseverance, and hope.”

5.16  Huffington Post — “A story of redemption that gives us a glimpse into ways of looking at horses, and perhaps even ourselves, with new eyes.”

3.17  Horse Power  — “GHM’s raw and powerful story, one memory at a time.”

10.16  Horse Illustrated  — “Iconic horseman George Morris holds nothing bak in his autobiography…a look into the glamour of the late 20th century horse show world and the rise of American show jumping on the global stage. Stories about his personal relationships, triumphs, and misadventures show how he was shaped into the legend he is today.”

8.16  Horse and Style Magazine  — “An enjoyable look into the more private side of George’s life.”

5.16  Equine Journal  — “Whether you are a George Morris fan or not, Unrelenting lets you in on the beauty behind the beast and gives away elusive details of the ‘godlike’ equestrian’s life.”

5.16  Riding Magazine  — “Candid to the point of shocking…no-holds-barred…smart, sassy, funny, and perhaps my greatest surprise—human!”

4.16  — “The priceless history and wisdom contained in these pages make it a must-read.”

3.16  The Chronicle of the Horse — “An unprecedented look into the life of a legend. Even those who know him best will read this and understand him better. Just know that no matter your vision of him, after reading this book, you’ll never think of Morris the same way again!”

2.16  Horse Nation — “Incredible…thrilling and unexpected…a surprising, refreshing, and sometimes harrowing examination of the man with high standards but a desperate need for ‘wild nights’…. Hunter Seat Equitation of the 1970s is the spiked kool-aid we should all still be drinking, and Unrelenting is the chaser.”

2.16  Street to Stable — “What lies between the pages of Unrelenting is very, very good reading.”

2.16  Library Journal — “Compelling…even readers who are less familiar with horses may enjoy the glimpse into life with the rich and famous.”

7.16  USDF Connection  — “Folse would like riders to understand that they can be effective equestrian athletes even if they don’t look like the models in the breeches ads. Maybe they can even learn to like the reflection in the arena mirror.”

6.16  Born to Reign Athletics  — “Truly a compassionate and practical resource, to guide you through this ride called life.”

6.16  Equine Journal  — “Addressed with a splash of humor to make the reader like you are talking to your sister, Folse takes the focus away from changing your body and redirects it to changing the way you think about yourself. No matter your size, give this a read if you’ve ever had a moment of self-doubt (as we all have) about your riding or your body.”

5.16  Cowgirl Magazine  — “Horseback riding enthusiasts and health conscious women of every size will find something to appreciate in this how-to, informative, and humorous book.”

1.16  Trail Rider  — “This book isn’t about weight loss or shame. Instead, Folse incorporates stories of women riders who are struggling with their bodies to help gently encourage the reader to face her own potentially false body image.”

11.15  Publisher’s Weekly — “An example of a burgeoning ‘whole-health approach’ to diet and fitness.”

12.15  Trail Rider — “Have you seen Fergus the Horse? If not, you’re in for a treat…His mission in life, it seems, is to bring laughter to the equestrian world. All disciplines included.”

12.15  Mid-South Horse Review — “A colorful, illustrated treasury of Fergus cartoons.”

12.15  Saddle Seeks Horse — “If you’re as horse-crazy as I am or simply enjoy clever cartoons, THE ESSENTIAL FERGUS is for you.”

8.15  Equine Chronicle — “Cartoons from over the years, as well as new comics, created especially for Fergus’s first book.”

1.16 Western Horseman — “Gets to the heart of the philosophy, equipment, and training involved in Cowboy Dressage…a comprehensive guide to becoming versatile horsemen.”

12.15 Equine Journal  — “Along with beautiful photos to exemplify the sport, this book gives an inside look on cowboy dressage and how to find a connection with your horse.”

11.15 Lone Star Horse Report — “Well-written and engaging.”

6.15  Lone Star Horse Report — “This handy guide introduces and solidifies key concepts and many others with over 40 exercises using traffic cones and ground poles.”

11.16  Your Horse — “A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their horse’s way of going on the flat…lots of practical exercises for you to try and there’s a handy section on solving common problems, too.”

10.16  Horse Illustrated — “Barteau has used her knowledge, decades of experience, and success in and out of the dressage ring to help put to paper what 10 different dressage horses would say to you about horse training if they could.”

7.16  USDF Connection — “Insightful…solid and workable advice.”

4.16  Equine Journal — “This book is for the rider looking for a new perspective on dressage and all of its elements—straight from the horse’s mouth!”

12.15  USDF Connection — “Foy tackles some of the ‘third rail’ dressage questions…Her responses will both enlighten and entertain.”

8.15 — “Some very good teaching theories…solid advice for both the teacher and the student.”

11.15  Equine Journal — “Read this cover to cover if you need to get your head in the game.”

6.15  Practical Horseman — “Refreshing…clear goals for [riders’] horses so they know what’s expected of them.”