Reviews of our newest books and DVDs (most recent releases listed first):

1.17 Equine Journal — “A simplified, do-it-yourself handbook, Acupressure for Horses is perfect for the hands-on equestrian who is looking to do the best for his or her horse.”

12.16/1.17 USDF Connection — “Fascinating stuff…I think I’ll be giving it a try with my horse.”

10.16 Warmbloods Today — “Unlocks many secrets as to how and why riders can avoid becoming uptight and anxious in the horse world…inspiring and informational.”

10.16 Incidents of Guidance — “This book is a MUST…densely packed with actionable, important information.”

1.16  Trail Rider  — “This book isn’t about weight loss or shame. Instead, Folse incorporates stories of women riders who are struggling with their bodies to help gently encourage the reader to face her own potentially false body image.”

11.15  Publisher’s Weekly — “An example of a burgeoning ‘whole-health approach’ to diet and fitness.”

12.15  Trail Rider — “Have you seen Fergus the Horse? If not, you’re in for a treat…His mission in life, it seems, is to bring laughter to the equestrian world. All disciplines included.”

12.15  Mid-South Horse Review — “A colorful, illustrated treasury of Fergus cartoons.”

12.15  Saddle Seeks Horse — “If you’re as horse-crazy as I am or simply enjoy clever cartoons, THE ESSENTIAL FERGUS is for you.”

8.15  Equine Chronicle — “Cartoons from over the years, as well as new comics, created especially for Fergus’s first book.”

1.16 Western Horseman — “Gets to the heart of the philosophy, equipment, and training involved in Cowboy Dressage…a comprehensive guide to becoming versatile horsemen.”

12.15 Equine Journal  — “Along with beautiful photos to exemplify the sport, this book gives an inside look on cowboy dressage and how to find a connection with your horse.”

11.15 Lone Star Horse Report — “Well-written and engaging.”

6.15  Lone Star Horse Report — “This handy guide introduces and solidifies key concepts and many others with over 40 exercises using traffic cones and ground poles.”

12.15  USDF Connection — “Foy tackles some of the ‘third rail’ dressage questions…Her responses will both enlighten and entertain.”

8.26 — “Some very good teaching theories…solid advice for both the teacher and the student.”

11.15  Equine Journal — “Read this cover to cover if you need to get your head in the game.”

6.15  Practical Horseman — “Refreshing…clear goals for [riders’] horses so they know what’s expected of them.”