Ride Better with Christoph Hess
By Christoph Hess

Kinesiology Taping for Horses
By Katja Bredlau–Morich

Horses Came First, Second, and Last
By Jack Le Goff with Jo Whitehouse

Fit & Focused in 52
By Coach Daniel Stewart

Fergus and the Greener Grass
By Jean Abernethy

The Essential Hoof Book
By Susan Kauffmann and Christina Cline

Our Horses, Ourselves
By Paula Josa-Jones

The Dressage Seat
By Anja Beran

Thelwell’s Pony Cavalcade
By Norman Thelwell

Horse Color Explored
By Vera Kurskaya

Is Your Horse 100%?
By Margret Henkels

Mini School
By Sabine Ellinger

50 Best Arena Exercises and Patterns
By Ann Katrin Querbach

Collection or Contortion?
By Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

Effortless Dressage
by Uta Gräf

Equus Lost?
by Francesco De Giorgio and José De Giorgio-Schoorl

Finding the Missed Path
by Mark Rashid

Long-Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship
by Dan James and Dan Steers with Kayla Starnes

Dressage Horse Manifesto
by Yvonne Barteau

The Essential Fergus the Horse
by Jean Abernethy

The Compassionate Equestrian
by Dr. Allen Schoen and Susan Gordon

World-Class Grooming for Horses
by Cat Hill and Emma Ford

Building a Life Together—You and Your Horse
by Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon

Author Videos

The Compassionate Equestrian
by Dr. Allen Schoen & Susan Gordon

The Riding Doctor
by Beth Glosten, MD

Modern Eventing with Phillip Dutton
by Phillip Dutton (with Amber Heintzberger)

Horse Agility: The DVD
by Vanessa Bee

by Dorie McCullough Lawson

Dressage 101
by Jane Savoie

Where Does My Horse Hurt?
by Renee Tucker, DVM

How Good Riders Get Good
by Denny Emerson

Riding Barranca
by Laura Chester