Commit to short periods of Quiet Focused Intention (QFI) on compassion for all beings prior to interacting with your horse. This idea from The Compassionate Equestrian by Dr. Allen Schoen and Susan Gordon is based on the latest neuroscience research unfolding from the University of Wisconsin Neuroscience Lab and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson and his associates have found that simply focusing intention and meditation on compassion for 10 minutes a day for two weeks can actually change our fMRIs (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, measuring brain activity), our brain function, and help us become happier people. After reviewing the research from these institutions, Dr. Schoen had an epiphany and thought, “What if we extrapolated these concepts to the equine community? What if every equestrian committed to taking 10 minutes to quietly focus on compassion for all beings prior to walking into the horse barn or driving to an event or riding into an arena?”

Simply taking 10 minutes of QFI, feeling compassion for your horse and for all beings you interact with, could have a profound impact on you, everyone you see in the barn, and everyone you interact with in the horse community. It is one possible solution to the twenty-first century challenge of neurohealth.

The Compassionate Equestrian by Dr. Allen Schoen and Susan Gordon gives you 25 principles to live by when caring for and working with horses.

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