When a horse, or really most any animal for that matter, is worried about something, he will almost immediately start looking for a way to feel better about it so he can get rid of the worry. For him it’s pretty simple. If he doesn’t feel good about something, he wants to feel better. That’s it.

For humans, the simplicity of that concept can be difficult to understand. This is mostly because when humans don’t feel good about something we often have to go through a number of intellectual gymnastics before we can find a way to feel better. We must first know why we don’t feel good about this thing that is bothering us. Then we have to agonize over it for a while. Then, maybe, we’ll have to look it up on the Internet, perhaps talk with our friends, the clergy, our mother, or the guy down the street who once was troubled about the same thing.

But not horses. When a horse doesn’t feel good about something, he just wants to feel better. And if we can be the one to help him feel better, then he’ll probably feel better about us as well.

Finding the Missed Path by Mark Rashid helps you retrace the steps in your horse’s education, to find what might have been missed the first time around

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