Below please find an alphabetical list of TSB equestrian titles currently available as eBooks from all major eBook sellers. TSB does not sell eBooks from our online bookstore, but click the link below for more information about each book or to order the print version.

* indicates titles available as eBooks only

3-Minute Horsemanship
40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes
50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding
55 Corrective Exercises for Horses
Academic Equitation
Acupressure for Horses
Alchemy of Lightness*
All Horse Systems Go*
Beyond Horse Massage
The Big Book of Miniature Horses
Bombproof Your Horse*
Brain Training for Riders
Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration
Collection or Contortion
Collective Remarks
Compassionate Equestrian
Complete Guide to Hunter Seat Training, Showing and Judging*
Cowboy Dressage
Crown Prince
Crown Prince Challenged
Dressage Horse Manifesto
Dressage in Harmony
Dressage for The Not-So-Perfect Horse
Dressage Q&A with Janet Foy
Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul
Equine Lameness for The Layman
Essential Hoof Book
Finding the Missed Path
Fit & Focused In 52
Fit to Ride In 9 Weeks
General System of Horsemanship
Geoff Teall On Riding and Jumping*
Getting in TTouch With Your Horse*
Give Your Horse A Chance
Gymnastic Riding System with Mind, Body & Spirit*
Horse Color Explored
Horse Economics*
Horse Profiling
Horse Speak

Horses Came First, Second and Last
Horses in Translation
Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book*
How Good Riders Get Good
In the Middle Are the Horsemen
Is Your Horse 100%
It’s Not Just About the Ribbons
Jane Savoie’s Dressage 101
Journey to Softness
Know Better to Do Better
Know You Know Your Horse
Message from The Horse
Modern Eventing with Phillip Dutton*
Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke
Nature, Nurture and Horses
Out of The Wild
Pressure Proof Your Riding
Equus Lost
Reflections on Riding and Jumping
Ride Right with Daniel Stewart*
Rider’s Guide to Real Collection
Riding Barranca
Riding Doctor
Riding Horse Repair Manual
Riding on The Autism Spectrum
Riding Through Thick and Thin
The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage
Smart Woman’s Guide Midlife Horses*
Suffering in Silence
Taking Up the Reins*
That Winning Feeling!
Training Horses Ingrid Klimke Way
Ultimate English/Spanish Dictionary
Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book
Way to Perfect Horsemanship
Western Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book*
What Horses Say*
When Two Spines Align
Where Does My Horse Hurt?
Women Are from Venus And So Are Their Horses