The “Horse Cure,” to us, is defined as a means of correcting or relieving anything that is troublesome or detrimental. When you blend building an “in the moment” partnership with a real being, in this case a horse, with the different “mental health therapy” approaches and theories, the result is a powerful catalyst for change that integrates all the pieces of the self. Over the past 17-plus years I have watched client after client find a level of connection to the authentic self. Clients learn that their authentic selves are not some fantasy or dream of “who they could be,” but rather a very real sense of self based on who they truly are at their core, free from the labels of the world and what they were told they should be. The power of partnering with horses helps us “cure ourselves” of our past and provides the opportunity to see, feel, and change—in the moment—any old, limiting beliefs that may be blocking us from who we truly are and who we want to be. Horses provide us the gift of awareness and an opportunity to try giving and receiving unconditional love. Through learning how to build a partnership-based relationship with horses, we are able to learn how to be okay with expressing our needs, holding boundaries, and learning a dance of communication based in love and connection versus power and control.

Horse and child hugging The Horse Cure

In The Horse Cure, author Michelle Holling-Brooks shares amazing stories of the people she’s worked with at Unbridled Change and the “horse cure” that changed their lives.

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