The total length of the horse’s head from the poll to the nose provides the basic dimension of a “line” that is found throughout the horse’s body. This influences our perception of harmony in the horse’s conformation. In the “ideal” horse’s conformation, the length of the head is equal to the length of:

• The shoulder

• The point of the hock to the ground

• The point of the hock to the stifle

• The ground to the chestnut of the front limb

• The elbow to the fetlock

• The depth of the horse (from withers to girth line)

• The stifle to the croup

• The rear end of the scapula to the point of the hip

Sport Horse Conformation by Christian Schacht gives you a new and easy-to-use system for evaluating the conformation of the sporthorse, with special attention on dressage, jumping, and eventing prospects.

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