James Shaw has been a student of the martial arts for over twenty years. By combining the structural balance of Tai Chi, the energy work of Chi Gong, and the healing aspects of Laing Gong, James has created his unique “Tai Chi for the Equestrian,” explained in full in his ground-breaking book. He begins by working with riders on the ground to discover and amend imbalances in their bodies. Then, through mounted work, riders transfer this new understanding into the saddle and see dramatic changes in their connection with their horse. James’ techniques work for all types of riders and have been successfully applied by recreational, professional, and Olympic-level equestrians.

James currently lives in Arizona and travels extensively, presenting his clinics throughout the United States and United Kingdom. You can learn more about him and his clinics by visiting his website, www.shawtaichi.com

By James Shaw

Ride from Within: Use Tai Chi Principles to Awaken Natural Balance and Rhythm