Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, a passionate horse lover with a professional background in communications, theater, and dance, has shaken up the international horse world with his thought-provoking theories. The basis of his work is consideration for the horse’s psyche, communication via body language that is understood by the horse, and interaction with these powerful, dignified creatures in accordance with nature. The development of the rider’s “presence” and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to his work.

This charismatic author’s methods of communicating with horses have been embraced by thousands of participants and auditors at his workshops and demonstrations, and his first book has been an overwhelming success throughout Europe. Visit his website at www.hempfling.com.

By Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Dancing with Horses: Communication by Body Language

Dancing with Horses: The Art of Body Language (DVD)

Coming Together: Use Body Language to Establish Leadership, Friendship, and Trust (DVD)

What Horses Reveal: From First Meeting to Friend for Life

The Message from the Horse: An Autobiographical Narrative