Linda Benedik is an internationally known equestrian author, clinician, trainer, and riding instructor in the United States. She is the founder of “Harmony With Horses,” a unique program that blends mind-body practices with classical horsemanship.

A life-long equestrian artist and student of the horse, Linda began her riding career in Maryland hunt country. Introduced to dressage in the early 1970s, it quickly became her passion. After a series of apprenticeships with traditional trainers as a young rider, Linda attended Lake Erie College in Ohio, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Equestrian Studies in 1981.

An innovative equestrian educator, Linda continues to study and teach academically. Dedicated to facilitating the whole-body learning process inherent to riding, and for the safety and enjoyment of rider and horse, she promotes a solid foundation in the Basic Seat. Students benefit from Linda’s specialized teaching style, which is intuitively tailored to the individual and integrates her experiences in music, art, yoga, dance, visualization, meditation, and other types of bodywork.

In addition to teaching a wide variety of equestrians across the nation, Linda has had the pleasure of instructing visiting riders from Canada, Europe, and South America. Since the mid-1990s, she has been teaching private and group clinic programs that combine tutoring in traditional equitation and dressage with unmounted RiderHarmony Workshops, featuring Yoga for Equestrians. Linda helps riders develop their seat and body language skills, and positive results predictably occur in her clinics, where the mutual relaxation of riders and horses is readily observed.

Linda resides on California’s Gold Coast in San Buenaventura, and freelances as a private equestrian trainer for an exclusive clientele in the Los Angeles region. She also travels to teach various Classical Riding & Yoga Clinics each year, spring through fall.

By Linda Benedik

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