Michel Henriquet is a rider and trainer in the classical tradition, whose establishment outside of Paris, France—Le Fief de la Panetière—draws pupils and spectators from all over the world. An open-minded scholar, Henriquet tests the ideas of legendary horsemen like Baucher and Steinbrecht, both theoretically and in practice, and then draws his own conclusions. One of Nuno Oliveira’s first foreign pupils (they remained friends up to the time of Oliveira’s death), Henriquet was a great admirer of the maestro’s lightness, elegance, and lack of force on horseback, as well as Oliveira’s ability to meld what was best from the School of Versailles with what was best from Baucherism. These same qualities are now evident in Henriquet himself.

Visit Henriquet’s beautiful facility outside of Paris online at www.henriquet.com.

By Michel Henriquet

Henriquet on Dressage