Creative Dressage Schooling by Julia Kohl

January 2015, Dressage Today
“Upbeat patterns and exercises that add variety and challenge to everyday workouts.”

January 2015, The Chronicle of the Horse
“Anyone serious about improving their effectiveness in the saddle and spicing up their routine, whether training a green horse or practicing on a schoolmaster, can benefit from this informative, step-by-step guide…Add this tool to your training arsenal, don’t rush through it, and practice in an indoor with mirrors to supplement your program this winter.”

October 2014, Practical Horseman Editor’s Pick
“The exercises increase in difficulty and can be combined in clever ways to keep you and your horse focused and enthused.”

Dressage For The Not-So-Perfect Horse by Janet Foy with Nancy Jones

July 2014, Your Horse Magazine (UK)
“Simple cures and solutions to common problems—brilliant!”

Dressage Solutions by Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg with Andrew Fitzpatrick

September 3, 2014, Mid-South Horse Review
“Illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams to show correct examples and faults, Dressage Solutions is an invaluable guide for both intermediate and advanced riders.”

August 2014, Dressage Today
“An invaluable dressage guide for both intermediate and advanced riders.”

August 2014, Practical Horseman
“These principles are applicable across disciplines and provide motivation for any rider looking to improve his or her equitation.”

Games For Kids On Horseback by Gabriele Karcher

December 2014, Practical Horseman
“Easy-to-read text and large, colorful photos…an excellent way for young riders to have fun at the barn while becoming more comfortable and confident in the saddle.”

November 2014, Horse&Rider
“Endless entertainment.”

Good Horse, Bad Habits by Heather Smith Thomas

January 2015, Equine Journal
“Bottom Line: From stall vices to under saddle solutions, this book is one you will refer to over and over again.”

June 2014, Northwest Horse Source
“A go-to manual for any horse owner, this book addresses a range of equine behavioral problems…Heather Smith Thomas dissects each issue, providing practical solutions, and discussing what to do if the fix doesn’t stick.”

May 2014, Practical Horseman Editor’s Pick
“Author and lifelong equestrian Heather Smith Thomas’ new book was written to help riders quickly find solid solutions to common problems and get back on track with their horses…..Multiple solutions are presented for each problem as well as a ‘what to do if nothing works’ section.”

Pressure Proof Your Riding by Daniel Stewart

July 2014, Your Horse Magazine (UK)
“If crippling nerves mean you no longer enjoy riding, this excellent ‘mentor’ will help you get back on track. Easy to follow, step-by-step guides are sure to reveal a much more positive you!”

June 2014, Equine Journal
“Whether you are a serious competitor or just starting out, this book will inspire you to reach for your goals, while having fun with your horse.”

May 2014, Dressage Today
“Daniel Stewart explains that stress, distraction, and anxiety go hand-in-hand with doing what we love. He walks readers through specific tools and tricks to manage and overcome the anxiety and shares tips on how to enjoy every minute of performing.”

Rider Fitness: Body & Brain by Eckart Meyners

June 2014, EQUUS Editor’s Pick
“This book delivers a comprehensive regime for mental and physical fitness at any riding level.”