11.15  Lone Star Horse Report — “Basic equine anatomy, dressage biomechanics, and techniques to apply to each area of the body, from poll to hindquarters.”

12.15  USDF Connection — “Masterson’s gentle approach looks like a worthy addition to [my horse’s] bodywork regimen.”

4.16 JAVMA — “Everyone should read this book. Although the discussions focus on horses, we all would benefit from living our life and approaching our relationships in accordance with the principles discussed…. Easy to read…illuminating and interesting…. should be part of every animal professional’s library.”

11.15 Ranch & Reata Magazine — “Dr. Schoen and Ms. Gordon have put together what can be considered a handbook in how to navigate a respectful life amongst horse people…lifelong lessons for a competent life among horses and humans as well.”

11.15 Trail Rider Magazine, Editor’s Pick — “If you’re looking for enlightened approach to horsemanship, your search has ended.”

9.15 TheHorseStudio.com — “A very good book that will bring the reader harmony and peace at the barn and around horses…Read it.”

7.15 Canadian Horse Journal — “A delightful and insightful book that deserves a place on every rider’s bookshelf.”

6.15 Lone Star Horse Report — “A set of developmental guidelines that encourage a profound level of personal awareness during interactions with horses.”

8.15 Equine Journal — “The ultimate modern-day guide for all riders who want their horses to look and feel their best.”

7.15 New York Horse — “One stop to top turnout, from daily care to button braids.”

7.15 DecidedlyEquestrian.com — “A must-have book for any lesson barn…an indispensable textbook to have at your barn to assist in teaching correct grooming and horse care to students.”

6.15 The Chronicle of the Horse — “It’s all there in one spiral-bound book, making it a great resource for experienced horsemen and novices alike, and it should be considered required reading for those looking into working student or groom positions.”

8.15 Equine Journal — “Eloquent and life-affirming…striking examples of the beauty that can be achieved when horsemanship is solidly based on natural law.”

11.15 American Cowboy — “Fabulous illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations of how all the parts of the horse fit together.”

6.15 Equine Journal — “Perfect to hang next to the crossties as you and your horse begin your journey into the Masterson Method.”

5.15 Horse Journals — “If you are interested in learning how to become a better horseperson, this book will teach and inspire you.”

2.15 Northwest Horse Source —“In a word, BEAUTIFUL. But more than that, it is easy to read and understand and includes fascinating personal stories as well. Highly recommended.”