8.14 Practical Horseman — “Readers will appreciate the author’s focus on keeping a horse sound, happy and able to perform to the best of his ability.”

8.3.14 Mid-South Horse Review — “The essence of the book is to present a philosophy, a model for building a relationship with horses that goes far beyond the mechanical to a heart-to-heart encounter built on trust, empathy, and understanding. The fabulous photos by Gabrielle Boiselle enhance the ‘mystical’ element of the book’s focus.”

1.15 EquiFitt.com — “An excellent reference for a fitness keen rider, or for a riding coach or school.”

11.14 The Essex Rider Monthly (UK) — “Complete exploration of what our bodies do on horseback.” 9.14 TheHorseStudio.com — “A super book…This book really breaks down the body and showcases with great photo help just what you need to do…in order to ride well.”

8.18.14 Practical Horseman Editor’s Pick — “Author Dr. Beth Glosten’s training as a medical doctor and RiderPilates instructor makes her uniquely suited to write this book, which covers basic rider anatomy and details over 50 step-by-step exercises to improve awareness, strength, and control over the muscles you use most when you ride.”

7.26.14 A Gift Horse — “The pictures and descriptions are wonderful. Many have step-by-step instructions, and each exercise then relates directly back to how it affects your riding.”

7.8.14 Equestrian Ink — “Each exercise could benefit anyone, but Glosten’s instructions are laced with real-life stories and examples of how they create a better, more effective equestrian…The Riding Doctor makes me think of a more technical, practical Centered Riding: sort of a Centered Riding for the Rest of Us.”

11.14 Horse Illustrated — “Got 3 Minutes? Includes both groundwork and under-saddle exercises, then features real-world scenarios where you can put the exercises you’ve practiced to use to solve everyday problems.”

10.14 Horse&Rider — “3-Minute Horsemanship by Vanessa Bee comes in handy. It’s focused on useful skills you can teach your horse in short bits of training time.”

10.14 American Cowboy Editor’s Pick — “A fantastic guide to horsemanship that teaches you how to make better use of the limited time you have to spend with your horse.”

6.30.14 HorseTalk (NZ) — “3-Minute Horsemanship gives you lots of little ‘projects’ to work on, from the basics of handling on the ground to ridden lessons.”

7.14 Your Horse Magazine (UK) — “Heart-warming stories of the author’s work with horses, which are brought to life with ‘as it happens’ photography, and at times it feels as though you’re right there with him.” Dressage For The Not-So-Perfect Horse by Janet Foy with Nancy Jones

7.14 Your Horse Magazine (UK) — “Simple cures and solutions to common problems—brilliant!”

6.14 EQUUS Editor’s Pick — “This book delivers a comprehensive regime for mental and physical fitness at any riding level.”

6.14 Practical Horseman — “Authors Dominique Barbier and Dr. Maria Katsamanis combine riding theory with scientific principles to explore, explain, and enrich a rider’s ability to communicate with a horse.”