7.14 Your Horse Magazine (UK) — “If crippling nerves mean you no longer enjoy riding, this excellent ‘mentor’ will help you get back on track. Easy to follow, step-by-step guides are sure to reveal a much more positive you!”

6.14 Equine Journal — “Whether you are a serious competitor or just starting out, this book will inspire you to reach for your goals, while having fun with your horse.”

5.14 Dressage Today — “Daniel Stewart explains that stress, distraction, and anxiety go hand-in-hand with doing what we love. He walks readers through specific tools and tricks to manage and overcome the anxiety and shares tips on how to enjoy every minute of performing.”

1.15 Equine Journal — “Bottom Line: From stall vices to under saddle solutions, this book is one you will refer to over and over again.”

6.14 Northwest Horse Source — “A go-to manual for any horse owner, this book addresses a range of equine behavioral problems…Heather Smith Thomas dissects each issue, providing practical solutions, and discussing what to do if the fix doesn’t stick.”

5.14 Practical Horseman Editor’s Pick — “Author and lifelong equestrian Heather Smith Thomas’ new book was written to help riders quickly find solid solutions to common problems and get back on track with their horses…..Multiple solutions are presented for each problem as well as a ‘what to do if nothing works’ section.”

7.24.14 Eventing Nation — “A great read and a handy tool to have in your training arsenal…We definitely recommend this book for riders of all levels and disciplines.”

4.16.14 Horse Junkies United — “This book is a must buy! Whether you have a seasoned schoolmaster, a greenie who is just learning the ropes, or a problem child like my boy you will appreciate Doug’s honesty and vast knowledge in your pursuit of the perfect horse!”

11.14 Dressage Today — “A welcome addition to any dressage enthusiast’s library.”

11.14 Horse Illustrated — “Got 5 Minutes? Simple exercises focus on rider position and biomechanics for better jumping.”

10.14 The Chronicle of the Horse — “If you’re looking to improve your jumping position this winter, 40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes should give you plenty to practice when you’re stuck in the indoor waiting for spring.”

4.14 Practical Horseman — “Thorough and well organized and [Loch] conveys her enthusiasm in a way that is infectious…for any rider who would like to gain confidence in developing a clear and correct way to communicate with a horse.”

11.14 Elite Equestrian Magazine — “A comprehensive guide to saddle fit for both horses and riders.”

4.14 Practical Horseman — “Schleese’s expertise makes this book an informative and interesting read.”

4.13 Library Journal — “The instruction here is excellent…Recommended.”

1.13 Video Librarian — “Brannaman leading in his quiet way and students trying techniques with their own horses—and achieving astonishing results. Highly recommended.”

1.13 Equine Journal — “This is a DVD set you will watch over and over again!”