Trafalgar Square accepts unsolicited book proposals and manuscripts. If you would like to submit your idea for consideration, we ask that you supply the following:

  • A letter of introduction explaining your experience and qualifications for writing on your subject and why you feel your book will be a valuable contribution to equestrian literature.
  • An indication of who you see as an audience for your book.
  • An outline or a detailed table of contents.
  • One to three sample chapters so we can assess your style and writing ability. (If you have a complete manuscript and would like to send it, that is fine, too.)
  • A general idea of how the book will be illustrated—a rough estimate of the number of photos, line drawings, charts, etc. Please include sample art if available.
  • A general idea of how you plan to promote yourself and your book once it is published—teaching, speaking, or clinic schedules; social media (your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, and web presence); trade show and exposition appearances; and anything else that gives us an idea of how we will be able to market your book to the public.
  • A note indicating whether the material is under multiple submission. (Please note: It is a general publishing courtesy to only submit a book proposal to one publisher at a time.)

Send materials to the attention of Rebecca Didier:

RM Didier
Managing Editor
Trafalgar Square Books
Box 257, Howe Hill Road
N. Pomfret, VT  05053

Trafalgar Square Books believes in “thinking green,” and we encourage digital submissions.

Please allow six to eight weeks to receive a reply regarding our interest. If you include your e-mail address, we will send an e-mail letting you know that the material has arrived safely. Please include postage and packing materials for any items you may want returned.