Teaching a Horse Not to Pull While Being Led

Occasionally you can meet a horse that thinks it’s just fine to pull his handler along. Don’t blame the horse; somebody taught him to do this by not being consistent in leading exercises during the horse’s formative years. When you feel a horse put the slightest tension on the rope, that is the [...]

Teaching a Horse Not to Pull While Being Led2021-04-22T18:17:11+00:00

Getting a Horse’s Attention Is Like Fly Fishing

When I start bringing a disconnected horse’s focus back to me, I think of the process as being like casting a fly-fishing rod with a very fine, long line. Once I “hook” my horse, or capture his attention, I must move very delicately with him to not break the line. When successful, I [...]

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Use Body Exploration to Put Your Horse at Ease

Before starting any exercise, take the time to connect and listen to your horse with your hands. You can easily do this by mindfully running your hands all over your horse’s body. This simple Body Exploration exercise will provide you with valuable information regarding your horse’s state of body and mind as well [...]

Use Body Exploration to Put Your Horse at Ease2021-04-22T18:17:12+00:00

Don’t Suppress Your Horse’s Personality

If I want to build unity with a horse, I need to listen really deeply and get on the same wavelength with him. A certain inner attitude is required to build a positive relationship. The power of positive thinking will carry over to the horse, and so will the power of negative thinking. [...]

Don’t Suppress Your Horse’s Personality2021-04-22T18:17:12+00:00

Try This: Pausing While Riding

Pausing and coming to stillness during a ride gives us an opportunity to recalibrate what we are doing. This is a powerful tool for breaking up unconscious habits and patterns than can accumulate when we are “working.” In meditation, there is the instruction, “Begin again,” meaning that if you find your mind wandering, [...]

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Horses Help Us Cure Ourselves

The “Horse Cure,” to us, is defined as a means of correcting or relieving anything that is troublesome or detrimental. When you blend building an “in the moment” partnership with a real being, in this case a horse, with the different “mental health therapy” approaches and theories, the result is a powerful catalyst for change that integrates [...]

Horses Help Us Cure Ourselves2021-04-22T18:17:14+00:00
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